Best Meat Slicers For Home Use

Chef's Choice 609 Premium Electric Food SlicerMeat slicers for home use are those kitchen tools that can help you cut and slice meat in uniform thickness. Equipped with adjustable spinning blades, these food slicers can either be belt driven or gear driven and usually feature simple manual operation mechanism. However, since different kind of meat slicers require you to put the meat in a different way, choosing the right one from among the electric, manual or automatic meat slicers for home use is important to help you achieve the desired results.

Electric meat slicers for home use prove to be a very handy tool to help you get sliced meat for everyday cooking. Most of these machines weigh up to 30 pounds and can be used to slice meat, bread, cheese or vegetables. Equipped with 100 watts of motor power and stainless steel blades ranging from seven to eight inches, these food slicers allow you to adjust the thickness of the slice according to your preference and are usually easy to use, clean and maintain. Thus, electric meat slicers can prove to be a highly useful kitchen equipment that will not only help you prepare lunch for your loved ones during the week, but also helps you host professional looking parties in a simple, easy and economical way.

Manual meat slicers for home use are an ideal choice if you wish to cut a few slices from a block of meat at a time. The fact that these food slicers require the hopper holding the food to be moved across the rotating blade manually, they give the sensation of shaping your meat with you own hands until they are served on your plate. Although a nine or ten inch blade is sufficient for the medium load meat slicer, the size of the blade is usually interrelated according to the load these meat slicers are capable of handling.

There are basically two types of automatic meat slicers for home use based on the speed of operation. While a variable speed food slicer features a wide variety of speeds for cutting meat, a two speed machine is equipped with a high and low speeds and allows you determines the number of times the meat can be passed over the blade. However, it is advisable to opt for a heavy duty automatic meat slicer especially if you need to use them for several hours.

Having meat slicers for home use proves to be a good investment that lets you have your meat with a size and shape of your choice. However, reading the safety instructions carefully and respecting the working modes of these kitchen appliances can prove to be highly beneficial in helping you use them in an efficient and convenient manner.